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Accent rugs – Hundreds of decorative rug samples – Let us help you choose the right accent rug for your home decorationg needs. Michael's Floor Covering , Fort Wayne, IN.

Accent Rugs

Accent rugs are in all probability are one of the best accessories that you can put into a room to really emphasize and reveal a theme or style. Accent rugs are hot because it's the least expensive way to make an impact in the room. An accent rug takes the concept of rugs further than before and can actually become the central focus within an interior. Foyers, hallways, laundry rooms, porches, sitting areas, bedrooms, great rooms and kitchens are new places to put accent rugs. Whether you’re looking to add an accent rug or update your current rugs, the flooring experts at Michael's Floor Covering can help you choose the perfect accent rug.

While "accent" is the most common name, "decorator," "throw," "occasional" and "scatter" are frequent modifiers. Accent rugs range in size from 24 by 40 inches up to 4 by 6 feet, is often sold with coordinating textile products, including throws, comforters, tablecloths and kitchen towels. The 4-by-6 size is one of the most popular sizes. No matter what the construction, these rugs are very versatile. You can put them in many different rooms, unlike other sizes - you're not likely to put a 6-by-9 in your bathroom or kitchen, but you can put an accent rug there.

Accent rugs can be braided, Persian, Orientals, rag, hooked and just about any other design. The concept that accent rugs have to be a specific style or shape or size just doesn't apply. Wherever there is a need in a particular room for a subtle contribution of warmth, accent rugs can and do fulfill a need. Be creative, and don't bother limiting yourself to specific, mainstream ideology. Many original concepts and ideas in decorating have evolved from a spontaneous impulse the designer employed when addressing the needs of a particular area or room.

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Accent Rugs

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